The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol.3

For those of you that don’t already know – I am OBSESSED with Zoeva products, and without a doubt I believe that their brushes are one of the best that’s out there, both in terms of quality, functionality, price and style.

Having quite a few brushes already, I decided to buy this so that I could keep this just for personal use, and my other brushes for clients only. A good excuse to buy more, but a valid reason too don’t you think? 🙂

Introducing you to none other than the incredible Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag in Rose Golden Vol.3. Prepare to fall in love!

The packaging is gorgeous – just look at the sleek and classic box it comes in:


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol. 3

The brushes themselves are packed in a leather bag that’s placed inside a material bag. Even that looks pretty 🙂 The lid of the box, when open, along with the material bag can be seen below:


Inside the material bag, is a classy and professional looking leather bag. This not only has place for all 30 brushes, but also a decent amount of storage for other makeup items and tools. The perfect make up bag!


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol. 3

Just stop and take a look at the detail of it 🙂 (yes, i am obsessed with this!)


The bag comes in 3 sections that can be zipped up individually. This is what the first section looks like when you open it. Plenty of storage for additional brushes or makeup. I’m currently using this for storing my cotton buds/pads, facial wipes, brush cleaner, tissues, setting sprays and foundations.

Some palettes can also be stored here if the items you place in the sections are not that bulky.


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol.3

This is the third section (will get to the second / middle section next!) The ideal place for storing some extra brushes, powders, concealers, mascaras, eye and lip pencils and blush and eye shadow pots.


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol.3

And now to the exciting part! The middle section is where all 30 gorgeous rose golden brushes are kept. Just look at how beautiful they are! Not only that, but you literally have every single brush that you will need for a flawless full face of makeup.

You’re covered with everything – from the base, to the cheeks, lips and detailed eye looks. No need to buy anything else 🙂


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol.3

Let’s take a quick look at the larger brushes. There are various foundation brushes – flat, buffing and stippling, as well a nice fluffy powder brush, another that’s more precise and two blush brushes – an angled and a fluffy one. There’s a great brush for precise contouring as well as a fluffier one, a small setting brush,  for highlighting a fan brush and a fluffier one too. For the full list see here.


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol.3

And now the smaller brushes. A great selection of concealer buffing brushes, a large base brush, various crease and blending brushes, more precise liner and detailed brushes and of course a lip brush.


The Zoeva Makeup Artist Zoe Bag – Rose Golden Vol.3

This currently retails for €245! Maybe it’s a lot of money at one go but see it this way – you get an amazing storage bag that comes along with it which sells separately for €50, so making each brush cost €6.50 on average. That’s a winner if you ask me 🙂

Check out The Zoeva Makeup Artist Bag in Rose Golden Vol.1 & Rose Golden Vol.2 (as seen on their website).

See the below for more amazing brushes from Zoeva:


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