Zoeva ‘En Taupe’ Eye Shadow Palette

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you’ll have noticed that I have a bit of an obsession with these Zoeva eye shadow palettes.

I started off with one, then I just had to have the whole set as they were so affordable…oops! I thought they were done, but then another one came out! How can you have an incomplete set?! This OCD is a problem 🙂

So here is the latest in the collection, Zoeva’s ‘En Taupe’ Eye shadow palette:

Zoeva's 'En Taupe' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘En Taupe’ Eye Shadow Palette

Packaging: As with all the others in the set, this comes in a sleek cardboard packaging with an identical sleeve, weighing in only at 1.5g which makes it great for travel and doesn’t take up too much storage space.

I love the design of this one – a mixture of taupe shades with a cool line design that throws off gorgeous metallic colours when it hits the light.

Zoeva's 'En Taupe' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘En Taupe’ Eye Shadow Palette

Shades: Ten beautiful shades, all creamy in texture and super soft and buttery to the touch. There are 4 matte shades and 6 shimmery shades. Let’s take a look in more detail shall we?

Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Stitch By Stitch: A basic matte white that’s great for the base, inner corner or brow highlight.
  • Handmade: A stunning shimmery golden shade that’s perfect for adding some sparkle to the lid.
  • Gallery: A smoky matte medium taupe shade that’s great for both the base or as a transition shade.
  • Hour By Hour: A beautiful matte dusty pink shade. So pretty as a base and transition shade too.
  • Old Master: A subtle grey that’s perfect for a soft smoky eye.

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

  • Spun Pearl: A super shimmery pearl shade that makes a great highlight.
  • Sheers & Voiles: Another shimmery shade in a soft light grey.
  • Outline: An intense metallic purple-taupe shade that’s perfect for the outer corner.
  • Wrapped in Silk: A deeper version of Sheers & Voiles – a pretty metallic dark grey.
  • Exquisite: A matte deep purple shade that’s one of my favourites.
Zoeva's 'En Taupe' Eye Shadow Palette

Zoeva’s ‘En Taupe’ Eye Shadow Palette

Formula: All shades are soft and silky however I was a bit disappointed with the high amount of fall out. Also, not all shades are very intense, however these can easily be built up.

Cost: Like all the others in the set, these retail at only €17.50.

Verdict: I really like this, however I would have preferred less fall out. That being said, I found the shades to be rather unique and just love the colour combinations that can be made with this.


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